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One Test to determine Efficiency, Thresholds, and VO2max

August 8, 2022

Introduction. The three major predictors of endurance performance are maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) (LINK), fatigue thresholds (e.g., ventilatory (LINK) and/or critical power (LINK)) (LINK), and efficiency or economy of movement (LINK). Over the last few blog posts a description of the testing, and analysis of each variable has been completed. In this post a detailed […]

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The Importance of Sport Specific Maximal Oxygen Testing

August 8, 2022

Introduction. One of the most significantly limiting aspects of measuring maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) testing is that, until very recently, it had to be measured in a lab in very controlled conditions. While this is beneficial in the research environment, from a coaching perspective, getting the most applicable snapshot of an athlete’s fitness is challenging. […]

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Helping Athletes Achieve Their Ambitions

February 18, 2022

Train.Red—a world leader in scientific, wearable (f)NIRS equipment—is excited to announce that it will be collaborating with VO2 Master. Joining forces will lead to great opportunities, not only for each company, but especially for our valued customers. Read on for details! Helping Athletes Achieve Their Ambitions Data can make a difference. Implementing multiple technologies that […]

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Debunking the Lactate Threshold Myth

May 13, 2021

Many physiologic testing protocols in use today are based on poor science, and do not make use of the available evidence, which has proven fundamental errors in the protocols themselves. The continued propagation of the myth of a lactate threshold is just one example. Dr. Andrew Sellars, Co-Founder VO2 Master Inc. Lactate Does Not Play […]

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VO2max: A Determinant of Team Sport Performance

March 15, 2021

In this fifth article of our Introductory Series, we identify and discuss factors that affect athletic performance in team sports. Athletic Capacities Without question, physical capacity of athletes is an important element of success in every team sport. This involves a massive number of different physiologic parameters, with aerobic capacity playing a significant role. Maximal […]

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Measuring Maximal Oxygen Consumption

February 15, 2021

In this fourth installment of our Introductory Series, we examine how to accurately measure maximal oxygen consumption, as well as discuss some of the implications associated with different testing protocols. What is Maximal Oxygen Consumption? Maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) describes the body’s ability to uptake and utilize oxygen during intense or maximal full-body exercise. It […]

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Validation Studies & Research

Physiological Demands of Basic Fire Management Tasks in Members of the Canadian Armed Forces: A Pilot Study

October 15, 2021

Authors: Étienne Chassé, MSc; Daniel Théoret, MSc; Martin P. Poirier, PhD; François Lalonde, PhD Introduction Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are required to meet the minimum standards of the Fitness for Operational Requirements of CAF Employment (FORCE) job-based simulation test (JBST) and must possess the capacity to perform other common essential tasks. One […]

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Validity and Reliability of the VO2 Master Pro for Oxygen Consumption and Ventilation Assessment

September 14, 2020

Authors: Montoye, Alexander HK; Vondrasek, Joseph D.; and Hancock, James B. II Conclusion In conclusion, our study found acceptable convergent validity and test-retest reliability of the VO2 Master Pro analyzer for assessment of exercise VO2 and minute ventilation, compared to the Parvomedics analyzer. Validity and reliability measures of the VO2 Master found in this study […]

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Oxygen consumption in industrial tasks assisted by an upper limb exoskeleton

July 3, 2020

Authors: David Martínez Pascual Tutor/s: Nicolás M. García Aracil Summary “In view of the results obtained, oxygen consumption would indicate a decrease in fatigue under the task performed with the exoskeleton. Likewise, the results obtained for ventilation, tidal volume and respiratory rate are discussed, which could also show a decrease in physical fatigue when using […]

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