Physiological and Mechanical Responses to a Graded Exercise Test in Traditional Rowing


Alfonso Penichet-Tomas , Jose M. Jimenez-Olmedo , Basilio Pueo and Javier Olaya-Cuartero

Research Group in Health, Physical Activity, and Sports Technology (Health-Tech), Faculty of Education,
University of Alicante, 03690 San Vicente del Raspeig, Spain


Laboratory exercise testing is a crucial tool for personalized training prescription in
endurance athletes, as well as for monitoring progress and evaluating performance [1].
Performance evaluation is significant for athletes, coaches, and trainers, especially if the
results are translated into recommendations for daily training [2]. These tests enable the
assessment of aerobic capacity and customization of exercise prescriptions according to
the specific profile of the sport discipline and the athlete [3]. The data gathered from
exercise testing offer valuable insights into physiological characteristics and adaptations to
controlled exercise loads [4]. They can even be used for talent selection and scouting for
potential future champions [5].

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