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Our primary focus is the release of our CO₂ version. Like many of our followers, we are excited about this release, however, we cannot guarantee a release date due to current supply-chain challenges. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified when the CO₂ version is available.

Yes, we have launched with Klarna to bring you flexible payment options available at checkout! Not ready to pay all at once? No problem. Select one of the available financing options so you can get everything you want now and pay over time.

Financing is only available for United States residents on orders placed online at www.vo2master.com

Yes. To view your report as a data table, you select the format in which you would like your report to be presented after selecting a session and then by tapping ‘View Reports” in the session tab.

The year in which you purchased your analyzer will indicate if you can perform the annual service yourself or if you are required to send in your analyzer for its annual service. Only analyzers purchased after September 6, 2022, can be self-serviced. To perform the annual service yourself, follow the desiccant and oxygen sensor replacement instructions provided in the product manual.

In some cases, the analyzer may not always capture the necessary data required to support automatic ventilatory threshold identification. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the analyzer’s results, there may be situations where the data available to the analyzer is insufficient to identify the ventilatory thresholds correctly. Visit our ventilatory thresholds support page to view the best practices and how to manually add them to your reports.

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