VO2 Master Analyzer

The next level in performance & metabolic assessment.

Reach your performance and fitness goals with the most portable, easy to use and affordable VO2 metabolic analyzer.


Need a replacement or additional piece? We've got you covered.

Assessment Kit

CAD $155

Easy-to-replace consumables that ensures optimal performance for your VO2 Master Analyzer. Comes with 50 Filter Discs and 1 Desiccant Cartridge.

20g & 0.5g Silica Gel Desiccant Packets

CAD $38

Rechargeable silica gel desiccant packets to keep your VO2 Master Analyzer equipment dry when not in use.

Face Mask

CAD $285

Easy to apply, autoclavable and comfortable face mask with an adjustable five-point head strap. Available in multiple sizes.

User Piece

CAD $195

Reusable flow passage used in VO2 Master assessments. Comes in 3 ventilation ranges.

3L Calibration Syringe

CAD $550

An adjustable 3-litre air syringe used for calibrating the VO2 Master Analyzer to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Service Options

CAD $715CAD $975

Select an annual service option to ensure that your analyzer keeps operating at its peak performance.