In-field research

Prove your hypotheses on what impacts human performance by conducting accurate and reliable lab-grade VO2 analysis, anytime and anywhere.1

Affordable accuracy and reliability.

Your equipment should support your research, not limit it. Discover new research opportunities by taking the lab out into the field without sacrificing efficiency or compromising data quality.

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Start your research sooner

There is no shortage of challenges for you to overcome when getting a research study off the ground. Finding high-performance equipment that fits your budget shouldn’t be one of them. VO2 Master is a low-cost solution that delivers lab-grade accuracy and reliability without sacrificing data quality.

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Athletic innovation is driven by quality data

Accurate data and analytics are the foundation on which athletic innovation is built. No matter the goal you’re working to achieve, having the tools and technology to unlock these data are the keys to your ability to make an impact.

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Validated and accurate data collection – new possibilities await.

Unlock new possibilities with the unparalleled portability and accuracy that only VO2 Master has to offer.

VO2 Max & Other Maximal Metrics
Resting Metabolic Rate
Ventilatory Thresholds
Training Zones
Garmin Integration
Automatic Backups or Local Storage
Remote Coaching
Raw Data CSV Exporting

New possibilities await with validated and accurate data collection capabilities

Unlock new research possibilities with the unparalleled portability and pinpoint accuracy of a lightweight, hands-free VO2 analyzer.

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A budget and grant-friendly solution used by universities from around the world.

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Unparalleled data collection

Conduct diverse and unique testing with a 100% wireless analyzer featuring third-party sensor compatibility.

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Simplicity and ease-of-use

Save time and resources with a user-friendly suite of features that allow for quick assessments and self-application.

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Data security

Safeguard your information with automatic backups and remote access to results and real-time data streams.

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Streamlined analysis

Choose from free data table formats available for external comparison and evaluation as well as mass file exports for all collected data.

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Validated data accuracy

Confidently conduct tests with a system that’s been tried and proven for reliability and accuracy with an Oxygen Sensor Accuracy of ±1% and Flow Sensor Accuracy of ±2% with syringe calibration.

Low maintenance costs

Avoid surprises with shock-free, low-cost annual service, and maintenance that can be done at your home or office.

Efficient sanitation2

Minimize the time required between assessments with an analyzer that’s fast and easy to clean.

Expand on your VO2 Master reports for deeper insight.

VO2 Master’s wireless technology lets you connect3 with additional Bluetooth sensors to target specific metrics that offer an in-depth look into human physiology and performance.

  • Heart Rate
  • SMO2
  • EMG
  • VO2
  • Temperature

You no longer need to compromise data quality for mobility or comfort

Conduct your assessments in a stress-free environment using a comfortable, portable, and hands-free VO2 analyzer designed for optimal data collection.

Proven in the field

Validation Studies & Research

Read real-world stories of VO2 and metabolic testing studies successfully conducted using VO2 Master. 

Feasibility of a Novel Augmented 6-Minute Incremental Step Test: A Simplified Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment Tool [Duke University]

July 09, 2024

Affordable accuracy and reliability. Your equipment should support your research, not limit it. Discover new research opportunities by taking the lab out into the […]

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VO2 Master Validation Athlete Case Study by DU Kan Auka

May 31, 2024

Affordable accuracy and reliability. Your equipment should support your research, not limit it. Discover new research opportunities by taking the lab out into the […]

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VNR: UH study first to measure outrigger canoe paddling intensity

March 14, 2024

Affordable accuracy and reliability. Your equipment should support your research, not limit it. Discover new research opportunities by taking the lab out into the […]

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The VO2 Master App

Keep your data secure and accessible

Automatically back up and get instant access to your data, anytime and anywhere, with a free VO2 Master Cloud account

  • Multi-format friendly 
  • Tiered data access 
  • Remote and live data access 
  • Secure data storage & backups
VO2 Master testing app on mobile, tablet and Garmin watch
VO2 Master Analyzer

Reach your performance and fitness goals faster

Get the next level of performance and metabolic assessment in the world's most portable, user-friendly, and affordable analyzer.

Legal Disclaimers
  1. While our product may be used in many different locations and environments, it is important to use the product only in accordance with the Technical Specifications provided in the VO2 Master Product Manual. Using the product outside of its specified limitations or specifications may result in decreased functionality or may cause damage to the analyzer.
  2. It is important that you clean and maintain your VO2 Master products in accordance with the Maintenance instructions and guidelines provided in the VO2 Master Product Manual. By using and products sold by VO2 Master, you acknowledge and accept that you are responsible for the proper cleaning and maintenance of the VO2 Master Analyzer components. See Product Manual for more information.
  3. The VO2 Master Manager mobile app is capable of being used with additional compatible Bluetooth sensors. While every effort has been made to ensure that the VO2 Master Manager mobile app is compatible with a wide range of sensors and smart trainers, it is important to note that not all Bluetooth devices may be compatible. To ensure that your Bluetooth sensor is compatible with VO2 Master Manager, please refer to the compatible devices listed in the Compatible Sensors provided in the VO2 Master Product Manual. Please note that the list of compatible sensors may be updated from time to time, so it is recommended that you check the list regularly.

Product is not a medical device; it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before starting any dietary or fitness programs.

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