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With happy customers on every continent, VO2 Master is realizing its vision as the new standard in VO2 analysis.

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Co-founders, Peter O’Brien and Dr. Andrew Sellars started their journey manually compiling and analyzing data from very restrictive, bulky, and often expensive testing equipment to find correlations between performance and human physiology. The saying “you can’t improve what you can’t measure” embraced by Peter and Andrew would provide the necessary motivation to overcome the challenges that paved the foundation in providing an affordable solution that would ultimately become the VO2 Master Analyzer – Today’s standard in metabolic testing equipment.

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Stop guessing, start assessing.

Our mission at VO2 Master and what we truly believe, is providing a means to a healthier way of life and to bridge the gap between performance assessment and improvement.

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Our History

Eleven years in the making
  1. 2013 - Conception
  2. 2015 - Research Breakthroughs
  3. 2016 - Extensive User Validation
  4. 2017 to Present - Growth
Peter O'Brien working with co-founder Andrew at the beginning of VO2 Master

2013 - Conception

VO2 Master started as a conversation between a computer programmer and a physician with a shared passion for coaching and testing endurance athletes. Peter was hungry for more of a challenge than the University Computing Science Department could offer. Andrew was frustrated with the poor user experience typical of lab cart VO2 analyzers. Together, they dreamed of an assessment tool that could truly capture an athlete’s physiologic responses to real world situations. The goal was to close the massive gap between the static University based labs and the athletic experience on the road, the trails, the track, and beyond. The concept of the first portable, wireless, VO2 analysis device the world had ever seen was born.

Read more at UBC Maximizing Potential and Accelerate Okanagan’s Victory Lap.

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2015 - Research Breakthroughs

In 2015 VO2 Master collaborated on a successful research project with professors Kenneth Chau and Joshua Brinkerhoff from the University of British-Columbia, that resulted in a patent application. This was the innovation accelerant that helped make VO2 Master a world leader in VO2 analysis and started the development of several more pending patents.

Check out the first patent

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2016 - Extensive User Validation

Patient years of beta user testing, product iterations, and validation ensured VO2 Master was ready to compete head-on with lab carts for VO2 analysis in weight management and human performance testing. No compromise was made in delivering to coaches, researchers, and clinics the VM Pro – a portable, affordable, and easy-to-use metabolic analyzer. The democratization of valuable performance and health information is an inevitable trend of the 21st century.

Vernon, British Columbia at sunset

2017 to Present - Growth

With happy customers on every continent, including the likes of Nike, Trek, Adidas, and many national federations, coaching businesses, and fitness centres, VO2 Master is realizing its vision as the new standard in VO2 analysis. Looking forward, we at VO2 Master are just getting started. There is so much great progress yet to be made, to make athletes faster, weight loss safer, and people more active.

Please do visit us in the beautiful Okanagan Region of British-Columbia, Canada should you ever find yourself in the area. We are an active group of triathletes, skiers, swimmers, and rock climbers, and always welcome good company.

Peter O'Brien working with co-founder Andrew at the beginning of VO2 Master VO2 Master mask and analyzer black & white wireframe Bikers outdoors in desert landscape wearing the performance analyzer Vernon, British Columbia at sunset

Proven in the field.

From professional athletes to testing facilities, VO2 Master provides the insight required to help you reach your performance goals.

VO2 Master Analyzer

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Get the next level of performance and metabolic assessment in the world's most portable, user-friendly, and affordable analyzer.

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