Performance analysis & metabolic testing

Unlock your athletic potential using accurate, data-driven insights about your physiology.


Get access to real-time metabolic data with a travel-friendly assessment kit that can go anywhere you go.

True reliability

Confidently identify key performance metrics with a tested, validated, and accurate VO2 analyzer.

Quality support

From first use to annual service and beyond, our expert support team is here to assist you every
step of the way.

Advanced data collection made simple

Get the most out of your VO2 Master Analyzer.

Improving your fitness isn’t a guessing game. It takes a deep, personalized understanding of the factors that impact your performance. Get data-driven insights to unlock your athletic potential with the portable, lightweight VO2 Master Analyzer.

100% Wireless

Eliminate the hassle of hoses, cables, and wires with a Bluetooth VO2 analyzer for hands-free assessments.

Resting metabolism

Accurately identify your resting metabolic rate for healthy and effective weight management

Maximal metrics

Pinpoint your personalized training zones, ventilatory thresholds1, VO2max, and other maximal metrics.

Multi-file export

Seamlessly integrate your metrics across multiple platforms using CSV data tables and FIT file exports.

VO2 Master Cloud

Effortlessly store and access your current and past assessment data with VO2 Master’s automatic backups.

Free mobile app

Instantly access downloadable reports and organize data into athlete and team profiles with the free VO2 Master app for iOS and Android.

Pinpoint accuracy

Accurately measure performance with an Oxygen Sensor Accuracy of ±1% and Flow Sensor Accuracy of ±2% with syringe calibration.


Calibrate your VO2 Master and easily connect it with your favourite Garmin watch so you don’t need to carry your phone.

Satisfaction Guarantee3

If you’re unsatisfied with your VO2 Master within 30 days, we’ll give you a 100% refund – no questions asked.

Warranty protection4

Feel confident that your VO2 Master will keep up with you wherever you go with our minimum one-year warranty (restrictions may apply).

Industry-leading performance for any profession.

From product testing to first place and everything in between, metabolic breath analysis provides the details you need to achieve better athletic results in less time.

Sports and performance

  • Optimize training methods for better athletic results
  • Identify limiters and break through training plateaus
  • Conduct accurate in-field assessments for athletes


  • Unlock larger studies with a smaller budget
  • Bring the lab out into the field for diverse applications
  • Get affordable VO2 testing even for small grant applicants

Fitness & wellness

  • Generate new revenue opportunities 
  • Attract and retain new clients 
  • Provide fitness assessments within your own facility

An Introduction to Metabolic Analysis

If you’re interested in adding VO2 testing as part of your services or routine but you’re not sure where to start, access our free eBook to learn everything you need to know to kick off your metabolic journey.

Proven in the field.

From professional athletes to testing facilities, VO2 Master provides the insight required to help you reach your performance goals.

Start assessments in under 10 minutes.

athletic male opening up the VO2 Master analyzer kit inside a dark fitness facility

1. Power up

Assemble the analyzer after selecting mask size and user piece then power up the device.

2. Select your app protocol

After connecting your analyzer to your mobile device, select your chosen protocol and complete the guided calibration procedures.

3. Start assessment

Comfortably apply the analyzer, using the provided 5-point head strap and start the assessment protocol.

Male swimming athlete breathing through the RMR and performance analyzer mask while his coach measures

Track your results anywhere.5

Get a deeper understanding of the factors beyond routine training that impact your fitness by testing in real-world situations.

Male athlete running on treadmill inside a gym while female coach watches and measures via the testing app on an iPad

Keep your data protected.

Safeguard your information with automatic backups and secure data storage. Get an enhanced assessment experience using desktop access to test results and live data feeds.

Expand on your VO2 Master reports for deeper insight.

VO2 Master’s wireless technology lets you connect2 with additional Bluetooth sensors to target specific metrics that offer an in-depth look into human physiology and performance.

  • Heart Rate
  • SMO2
  • EMG
  • VO2
  • Temperature

VO2 Master Analyzer

Reach your performance and fitness goals faster

Get the next level of performance and metabolic assessment in the world's most portable, user-friendly, and affordable analyzer.

Legal Disclaimers
  1. In some cases, the data required may not always be captured to support automatic ventilatory threshold identification. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the analyzer’s results, there may be situations where the data available to the analyzer is insufficient to identify the ventilatory thresholds correctly.
  2. The VO2 Master Analyzer is designed to be used with compatible Garmin devices only. While every effort has been made to ensure that the VO2 Master Analyzer is compatible with a wide range of Garmin devices, it is important to note that not all Garmin devices may be compatible. To ensure that your Garmin device is compatible with the VO2 Master Analyzer, please refer to the list of compatible Garmin devices. Please note that the list of compatible devices may be updated from time to time, so it is recommended that you check the list regularly.
  3. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on the VO2 Master Analyzer, subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the full description of the guarantee.
  4. Please be advised that the VO2 Master Analyzer is sold subject to the terms and conditions of our warranty policy.
  5. While our product may be used in many different locations and environments, it is important to use the product only in accordance with the Technical Specifications provided in the VO2 Master Product Manual. Using the product outside of its specified limitations or specifications may result in decreased functionality or may cause damage to the analyzer.
  6. The VO2 Master Manager mobile app is capable of being used with additional compatible Bluetooth sensors. While every effort has been made to ensure that the VO2 Master Manager mobile app is compatible with a wide range of sensors and smart trainers, it is important to note that not all Bluetooth devices may be compatible. To ensure that your Bluetooth sensor is compatible with VO2 Master Manager, please refer to the compatible devices listed in the Compatible Sensors provided in the VO2 Master Product Manual. Please note that the list of compatible sensors may be updated from time to time, so it is recommended that you check the list regularly.

Product is not a medical device; it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before starting any dietary or fitness programs.

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