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VO2 Master Analyzer

Accurate – Reliable - Portable

Simplify your metabolic testing with unparalleled portability and lab-grade accuracy.

Experience the freedom without packs, hoses, or wires.

Enjoy maximum comfort, unrestricted mobility, and new possibilities.

Yes, you can test here.

Acquire valuable metabolic insights through real-world applications.

Enhance and support your action plans.

Make informed decisions with reliable respiratory and caloric budgeting metrics using our VO2 Analyzer and free mobile app with real-time data and instant PDF reporting.

Begin testing in minutes with quick and easy setup.

Customize our guided assessments protocols or create your own that suit your requirements.

Get the best data possible with easy-to-follow guided calibration.

Realtime results–anywhere, anytime.

Unlock the power of metabolic analysis and the future of data-driven success from our instant and detailed assessment reports – all included at no extra cost.

Discover your maximal metrics for optimal results.

Identify key ventilatory thresholds.

Target performance gains through personalized training zones.

Optimize weight, nutrition, and fitness planning with personalized resting metabolism results.

Beautifully designed and user friendly.

Our commitment to accuracy, quality, and simplicity provides an unparalleled experience–setting a new standard in metabolic assessment technology.

User-friendly setup.

Maintain accuracy and sanitation with replaceable filters and interchangeable user pieces.

Industry leading reusable mask ensures comfort and proper fitment. Available in multiple sizes.

Save, share, and access results with the VO2 Master Cloud.

Create a free account to enable automatic backups, desktop views, and remote access to the real-time data feed.

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Multi File Formats

Share PDF assessment reports and detailed CSV data table exports.

On-The-Go Analysis

Elevate remote coaching by accessing instant assessment data through our cloud portal.

Desktop View

Our cloud portal access enables you to view and save assessment data conveniently on to your desktop computer.

Comprehensive data collection all in one platform.

Compatible with 3rd Party sensors and smart trainers.

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Smart Trainers
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No pockets? No problem.

Get VO2 metrics straight to your Garmin watch.

VO2 Master Analyzer

Reach your performance and fitness goals faster

Get the next level of performance and metabolic assessment in the world's most portable, user-friendly, and affordable analyzer.

Legal Disclaimers

Product is not a medical device; it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before starting any dietary or fitness programs.

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