Assessments for fitness and wellness facilities

Retain more clients, bring in new ones, and boost your revenue by going beyond conventional training methods and excelling into the new era of athletic assessment and physiology.

Help your clients turn their fitness goals into reality

As a wellness and fitness practitioner, you’re in the business of helping people achieve their goals. And to make that happen, you need the right tools.

Deliver the results your clients want

From sports performance to weight management, your clients come to you with specific goals in mind. VO2 Master equips you with the information you need to develop effective training methods suited to your clients’ unique physiology so that you help them achieve the results they’re in search of.

Drive revenue and differentiate with ancillary services

Your revenue relies on providing a broad range of services, helping your clients achieve their
goals, and securing word-of-mouth referrals as a result of your clients’ successes. Equipping
yourself with the right tools to create real results will allow you to supercharge your bottom line.

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Simple and powerful data collection

Get the most out of your VO2 Master Analyzer.

Open up a whole new world of opportunities for your fitness and wellness facility by tapping into metabolic analysis that lets you help your clients unlock their athletic performance. 

Key fitness metrics

Accurately identify individual VO2max, training zones, ventilatory thresholds, and other maximal metrics

Increased revenue stream1

Boost your bottom line by attracting new clients with innovative services and securing word-of-mouth referrals.

Ease of use and cleaning2

Minimize the time required between assessments with an analyzer that’s fast and easy to clean.

Low recurring costs

Avoid surprises with shock-free, low-cost annual service, and maintenance that can be done at your fitness facility.

Increased client retention3

Re-engage your existing clients with new services that help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Effective weight management planning

Help your clients achieve healthy weight loss or gains through accurate resting metabolic rate assessments.

CPET and RMR testing

Conduct both Cardiopulmonary Exercise Tests as well as Resting Metabolic Rate assessments to measure an individual’s exercise and metabolic capabilities.

Identify your true resting metabolism

Resting Metabolism Rate assessments let you create tailored plans for your clients focused on healthy, effective weight management and optimizing their athletic performance.

Test your resting metabolic rate.

The first step in effective diet planning starts with knowing how your body burns calories. By identifying your unique resting metabolic rate you’ll have the foundation required for effective and healthy weight management planning.

Estimate your potential profit

Use our simple ROI calculator to quantify the revenue you could generate by incorporating VO2 Master into your fitness or wellness facility.

Train your staff quickly

VO2 Master’s simple and user-friendly functionality means you can start conducting performance and metabolic assessments in a matter of minutes.

1. Assemble and calibrate your VO2 Master

Assemble your VO2 Master, connect your app to your mobile device, and complete the guided calibration procedures.

2. Select your assessment protocol

Accurately identify individual VO2max, training zones, ventilatory thresholds, and other maximal metrics with our free, easy-to-use guided app protocols.

3. Access your assessment data

Get instant access to detailed assessments with data and analytics you can use to create tailored plans to meet your clients’ goals. 

Proven in the field.

VO2Master has helped us to develop an accurate testing system also for the high-elite athletes and also for those with a big interest for sports. If you choose a simple to use -model for testing we can only warmly recommend! The data supports the other measurements of our check-ups and we can give the report rightaway on our customers. The crew of VO2Master was brilliant as well by giving the yearly service – the necessary updates and new device came already when we were still testing with the former one – so no need for testing breaks/weeks! Thank you!

Laura Schneider Toivanen
Prevention and sports, Check-up Center Hirslanden, Zürich

Knowing and using VO2 Master has allowed us to be able to evaluate and monitor our athletes both to improve their sporting performance and for research purposes. VO2 Master has become an indispensable tool for optimising our training, projects and studies.

Alfonso Penichet Tomás
Head coach and researcher in traditional rowing at University of Alicante

I was like nobody back then, and I believe many people thought the VO2 Master was just a cool accessory and not an advantage in training. VO2 Master is super useful, it’s like taking the lab out to the training field where I train day to day. Being in a lab is great but its not the environment where I perform and the VO2 Master allows me to get accurate measurements, out there wherever I train, to get the numbers I get.

Gustav Iden
Triathlete – Ironman World Champion Co-Founder of Santara Tech

The VO2 Master Analyzer has been an incredibly impactful tool for us. Digging deeper into rider physiology has provided an inciteful contribution to understanding the rider-bicycle interaction.

Kyle Russ
Lead Biomechanical Engineer at Trek Bicycle

I started using the VO2 Master Analyzer in 2017, to get a better understanding of what’s happening during test sessions and to dial-in my energy system for different training distances. I use the VO2 to learn how my engine is working and to identify weaknesses that need improvement. The simplicity and ease of use with the lightweight design will give more coaches and athletes the same benefits that I have had for years.

Kristian Blummenfelt
Triathlete – Olympic and Ironman World Champion, Co-Founder of Santara Tech

We chose the VO2 Master Analyzer after a thorough screening of the 6 leading metabolic analyzers available on the market. Based on the process that we went through we needed to find a great compromise between an accurate and reliable device that the athletes actually like to use and the VO2 Master Analyzer is the only metabolic analyzer that allows us to measure freely wherever we are with basically the same level of technology that are in the metabolic carts in the laboratory.

Olav Aleksander Bu
Coach & Scientist, Co-Founder of Santara Tech

The nature of our research with tactical personnel requires that we conduct most of our work in dynamic and often austere environments while these personnel are doing highly physical tasks. While capturing energy expenditure is often a key requirement, pragmatically we have not been able to do this given the requirement for bulky, generally static, equipment. The VO2 Master has been a game changer. Being so small and portable we have been able to use it in a variety of projects, from mounted police on horseback to specialist police conducting occupationally specific capability testing. Best of all it works easily with some of our other equipment (e.g., polar HR monitors) and iPads and allows use to monitor and show other researchers and personnel data in real-time.

Dr. Rob Orr
Director, Bond University Tactical Research Unit

Best lab for VO2max testing I’ve ever been to. Fresh air for days, actual numbers and real tarmac under the tyres.

Tom Skujiņš
Pro Cyclist, Team Cannondale

The VO2 Master Analyzer enables our team to evaluate athletes on the water, which provides specific insight needed to really understand their physiology. We intend to use the information to help design individualized training programs.

Rob Sribar, Ph.D.
General Manager, High-Performance Programs, American Canoe Association

The VO2 Master App

Track your results anywhere4

Get a deeper understanding of the factors beyond routine training that impact your fitness, test in real-world situations, and connect additional sensors to get an in-depth look into the physiology behind your performance – all in one platform.

VO2 Master Analyzer

Reach your performance and fitness goals faster

Get the next level of performance and metabolic assessment in the world's most portable, user-friendly, and affordable analyzer.

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