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The year in which you purchased your analyzer will indicate if you can perform the annual service yourself or if you are required to send in your analyzer for its annual service. Only analyzers purchased after September 6, 2022, can be self-serviced. To perform the annual service yourself, follow the desiccant and oxygen sensor replacement instructions provided in the product manual.

No. Internet access is only required if you want to use the VO2 Master Cloud for viewing and storing session data and to view assessments remotely in real-time.

Users should use the medium user piece if their ventilation range is between 30-160 L/min. The large user piece is used in most cases by professional high-intensity athletes or users with a ventilation range 40-220 L/min

The maximum number of daily session is 8. The VO2 Master Analyzer is required to have 30 minutes of downtime between sessions and each session must be no longer than 1 hour in duration.

Proper cleaning procedures are provided in the VO2 Master Product Manual.


Yes. To view your report as a data table, you select the format in which you would like your report to be presented after selecting a session and then by tapping ‘View Reports” in the session tab.

No, assessment reports are provided instantly at your request and are available for download FREE of charge.

You should choose whichever gender closely matches your physiology in terms of hormone levels. The only data affected by gender is the “VO2max vs population” and “RMR vs population” percentile bars in the PDF reports. There will be no changes in the data for primary measurements like RMR, VO2max, Training Zones, or VT based on your selected gender.

Replacement Parts & Sensors

The number of wireless sensors you can connect to the VO2 Master mobile app is restricted by the sensor manufacturer and the Bluetooth capabilities of your mobile device.

Using our ‘Contact’ page, complete the form and select ‘Replacement Parts’ under the ‘Type of request’ drop down menu.

CO₂ Version

Our primary focus is the development of our CO₂ version. Like many of our followers, we are excited about this development, however, we cannot provide a release date at this time. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified when the CO₂ version is available.

Our newsletter subscribers will be one of the first to be notified of the release of the CO₂ version. Other ways to learn about the release of the CO₂ version is to like and follow us on our social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.

Additional Costs & Financing

Yes, we have launched with Affirm to bring flexible payment options during checkout!

Affirm is available for online orders at for Canadian and United States residents only.

No. We provide the VO2 Master Manager app and the VO2 Master Cloud access FREE. Does it get any better? Yes! We also provide the VO2 Master Garmin data field FREE to users who want to bring their VO2 Master portability to a whole new level.

Yes, though you are only required to purchase additional consumables based on your frequency of use. All analyzers are required to be serviced annually at the owner’s expense.

No, assessment reports are provided instantly at your request and are available for download FREE of charge.


There are 4 reasons why you cannot complete the syringe calibration:

  1. The analyzer has not completed the start-up zero calibration procedure.
  2. The humidity sensor is reading values above 70%. If the oxygen sensor was damaged by water the sensor may read values even higher than ambient humidity, we recommend that the desiccant cartridge be replaced, and the analyzer be placed in a zip lock bag with silica gel packs for 48hrs, please contact support if the issue continues after the 48hr period.
  3. The volume provided to the analyzer is reading more than 15% off the expected value, due to a leak in the syringe hose and the analyzer will reject the breaths it receives.
  4. You may be pumping the syringe too fast, try to follow the audio and visual calibration metronome in the mobile app.

Try replacing the battery with a known fully charged battery. If the issue persists, use our Contact page, and complete the form with ‘Technical Support’ selected under the ‘Type of request’ drop down menu.

In some cases, the analyzer may not always capture the necessary data required to support automatic ventilatory threshold identification. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the analyzer’s results, there may be situations where the data available to the analyzer is insufficient to identify the ventilatory thresholds correctly. Visit our ventilatory thresholds support page to view the best practices and how to manually add them to your reports.

Here are some solutions to assist you in connecting your Garmin watch to your VO2 Master Analyzer.

  1. Ensure that your Garmin device is compatible with the VO2 Master Analyzer, please refer to the list of compatible Garmin devices available at Please note that the list of compatible devices may be updated from time to time, so it is recommended that you check the list regularly.
  2. Ensure that you have installed the VO2 Master Data Field from the Garmin Connect IQ store.
  3. After calibrating your VO2 Master Analyzer, when attempting to connect your Garmin to your VO2 Master Analyzer, ensure that your Garmin is held in close proximity to your analyzer during the connection process to ensure a successful connection.

If the issue persists, use our Contact page, and complete the form with ‘Technical Support’ selected under the ‘Type of request’ drop down menu.


We ship the VO2 Master world wide, however, some regions are extremely difficult to import into. You can visit our Official Distribution Centers page to see the current list of established regions, otherwise, contact us through our Contact page and complete the form and select ‘Product Info’ under the ‘Type of request’ drop down menu.

The VO2 Master Analyzer kit will be shipped in 2 packages.

VO2 Master will ship all packages via UPS.

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