Helping Athletes Achieve Their Ambitions

February 18, 2022 Train.Red—a world leader in scientific, wearable (f)NIRS equipment—is excited to announce that it will be collaborating with VO2 Master. Joining forces will lead to great opportunities, not only for each company, but especially for our valued customers. Read on… Read the story

Case Study – Interpretation of VO2max Test

December 29, 2020 In the last blog posts the physiology and proper testing protocols for maximal oxygen consumption have been discussed. The purpose of this post is to walk through the analysis of a completed VO2max test and determine how the participant compares… Read the story

How to Measure Exercise Efficiency

December 18, 2020 Welcome to the VO2 Master Advanced Series of articles. In this collection of compositions, we will visit some of the more complex aspects of metabolic analysis. If you’re experienced in this subject, then this series is for you. In this… Read the story

Maximal Oxygen Consumption for Health and Performance

May 26, 2020 Maximal oxygen consumption (VO₂max) and its relationship to whole-body health and performance. The Basics Maximal oxygen consumption (VO₂max) is the maximal rate of oxygen a person can uptake and use during intense physical activity. Typically, VO₂max is reported in 1… Read the story