How to Improve Aerobic Fitness: Start by Forgetting About Aerobic and Anaerobic Training

November 30, 2023

Today, the concept of aerobic fitness is at the forefront of mainstream conversations about exercise and athletic training.  When you conduct a Google search

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Breathing in Cycling, Running, Rowing & Swimming

October 18, 2023

In this edition of the VO2 Master Education Series, performance coach Sean Seale talks with Dr. Andrew Sellars, Co-Founder of VO2 Master, about…

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Training Zones: How Deeper Data Helps You Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

September 3, 2023

From Garmins to Apple Watches and beyond, if you own a fitness tracker, you already know that it measures your heart rate during physical…

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Listen: The Secret to Improving Your Conditioning with VO2 Master Co-Founders Peter O’Brien and Dr. Andrew Sellars [The MetPro Method with Coach Crystal]

July 20, 2023

VO2 Master Co-Founders Peter O'Brien and Dr. Andrew Sellars joined Coach Crystal on The MetPro Method Podcast to discuss how you can break through athletic plateaus by learning about your current physiology. Here are 5 key takeaways from their conversation.

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Maximal Oxygen Consumption for Health and Performance

May 26, 2020

Maximal oxygen consumption (VO₂max) and its relationship to whole-body health and performance. The Basics Maximal oxygen consumption (VO₂max) is the maximal rate of oxygen…

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What is the best way to train VO2max?

January 29, 2021

Introduction After determining VO2max, the next step is to create a training plan to improve VO2max and other aspects of fitness, (i.e. efficiency…

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A Primer on Exercise Efficiency and Economy

January 27, 2020

Elite level endurance performance requires an athlete to have a large (>70 ml/kg/min) aerobic engine (VO2max) of which a high percentage (75-90%) of that…

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