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Physiological and Mechanical Responses to a Graded Exercise Test in Traditional Rowing

February 18, 2023 Authors: Alfonso Penichet-Tomas , Jose M. Jimenez-Olmedo , Basilio Pueo and Javier Olaya-Cuartero Research Group in Health, Physical Activity, and Sports Technology (Health-Tech), Faculty… Read the story

Energy expenditure compared to mental focus & score in three modes of golf transport/play

December 23, 2022 Authors: Neil Ernest Wolkodoff 1, Gerald Martin Haase 2 and Ben Nathaniel Pennymon 3
1 Colorado Center for Health & Sport Science, Denver, Colorado.… Read the story

Physiological Demands of Basic Fire Management Tasks in Members of the Canadian Armed Forces: A Pilot Study

October 15, 2021 Authors: Étienne Chassé, MSc; Daniel Théoret, MSc; Martin P. Poirier, PhD; François Lalonde, PhD Introduction Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are required… Read the story

Validity and Reliability of the VO2 Master Pro for Oxygen Consumption and Ventilation Assessment

September 14, 2020 Authors: Montoye, Alexander HK; Vondrasek, Joseph D.; and Hancock, James B. II Conclusion In conclusion, our study found acceptable convergent validity and test-retest reliability… Read the story

Oxygen consumption in industrial tasks assisted by an upper limb exoskeleton

July 3, 2020 Authors: David Martínez Pascual Tutor/s: Nicolás M. García Aracil Summary “In view of the results obtained, oxygen consumption would indicate a decrease in fatigue… Read the story

Selective respiratory parameters and training of female tennis players

June 22, 2020 Authors: Pacholek, Jakub Advisor: Kočíb, Tomáš Summary “The respiratory parameters of our twin players were average compared to the general population and below average… Read the story

Reproducibility of oxygen consumption measurements with the vo2 master portable device

January 1, 2020 Authors: Kotnik, Polona Mentor: Fonda, Borut Commentator: Suhadolnik, Aleš Conclusion “…we can conclude that the use of the device VO2 Master in the specific environment with… Read the story

Speculating on Physiology in the Lab vs on the Road

December 26, 2019 Author: Jem Arnold Introduction “We’re seeing trends in systemic VO2, blood lactate, and local muscle oxygen that align with the literature on muscle recruitment… Read the story

VO2 Master versus Parvo TrueOne

November 27, 2019 Author: Jem Arnold Conclusion “…comparing the VO2 Master against one of the standard metabolic carts we have at our lab, the Parvo Medics TrueOne… Read the story

Objective and Subjective Effects of a Passive Exoskeleton on Overhead Work

October 3, 2019 Authors: Pauline Maurice, Jernej Camernik, Dasa Gorjan, Benjamin Schirrmeister,
Jonas Bornmann, Luca Tagliapietra, Claudia Latella, Daniele Pucci, Lars
Fritzsche, Serena Ivaldi, et al. Summary… Read the story

Validity and Reliability of the VO2 Master

August 6, 2019 Author: James Webber Introduction This study aimed to determine the validity and reliability of the VO2 Master when compared to a VacuMed metabolic simulator.… Read the story
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