Wearable VO2

With this new technology, you can now take the most sophisticated physiologic testing equipment outdoors, and collect data in a more meaningful way. True assessments in real world situations are more likely to yield the results you are looking for. Get out of the lab.

Live Data Display

With the VO2 Manager app for iPhone and Android, data from the VO2 Master is displayed in a simple format to allow for easy interpretation. The app's display is customizable, so you can view the data exactly how you wish. When you're done a workout, share it with your friends with one press. The next step is comparing this data over time, in order to watch for improvements, and be able to fine tune your training for the best possible effects.

Connect Your Other Sensors

Collect data from other ANT+ and Bluetooth-enabled devices, and display the data alongside VO2 parameters. VO2 Master allows for the customization to make the most of all of your intelligent equipment.


Replaceable Mouthpieces

The unique design of the VO2 Master allows for customizable mouthpieces that meet the needs of every individual. From youth athletes to professional sports stars, from resting metabolic testing to high intensity training sessions, we can provide you with the equipment that fits your needs.

Accurate and Repeatable

The VO2 Master has been measured against some of the most expensive testing equipment available to Universities. It has been found to be both accurate and reliable, yielding data that can be trusted to give you the information you need for continued performance improvements.

4+ Hour Battery Life

VO2 Master is powered by a single AAA battery for at least four hours. You'll never have to worry about the unit running out of juice during testing. LED lights help identify when battery power is low, to ensure data is collected seamlessly and reliably every time.

Production units coming soon.