Is an incredibly portable yet powerful VO2 analyzer worn entirely on the face to test and train with ease.

World's first wearable VO2 analyzer

  • Single enclosure design.
  • No arm bands or backpacks.
  • Entirely face-worn.
  • Aerodynamic design that conforms to the face.
  • No cables, no tubes, no hassles.

Versatile and accurate VO2 and breathing analysis

  • Same high quality galvanic oxygen sensing technology as used in industry standard lab equipment.
  • Direct measurement at the mouth results in accurate, repeatable data sampling.
  • A solenoid valve controls the flow of gas by the oxygen sensor, enabling automatic calibration, and device safety shut-off.
  • Every unit is meticulously standardized on industry-leading lung simulator prior to shipping.
  • Easy to replace single–use filter medium ensures sanitation between users.

Check out our new validation study on the VM Pro.

Simple Analysis Software

  • Live data display on both Android & iOS mobile devices over Bluetooth. 
  • Connect third-party sensors that measure heart rate, speed, cadence, power, and muscle oxygenation.
  • Built-in PDF report generation.
  • Export amalgamated raw and averaged data for further analysis.

Measuring Economy with VO2 Master enables me to select the fastest wetsuit for an athlete on an individual basis. My athletes can increase their swimming efficiency without increasing training volume.

Roy Hinnen

Triathlon Coach, Roy Hinnen Personal Coaching

Best lab for VO2max testing I've ever been to. Fresh air for days, actual numbers and real tarmac under the tyres.

Tom Skujiņš

Pro Cyclist, Team Cannondale

Biomarkers collected and displayed by the VM Pro:

VO2 (Volume of Oxygen Consumed)

Volume of oxygen molecules consumed by the body per minute.


How much air is moved by the lungs per minute.

Respiratory Frequency

How many breaths occur per minute.

Fraction of Expired Oxygen

Concentration of oxygen in the exhaled air of a subject.

Tidal Volume

Volume breathed per breath

VO2 Master devices are designed and manufactured in Vernon, BC, Canada.

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