The Ultimate Portable VO2 Analyzer

Performance Testing (VO2 Max + Zones)

Resting Metabolic Testing (RMR)

No backpacks, cables, or hoses.

Validated against the gold-standard.

Filters ensure sanitation between users.

Free mobile application for guided testing.

"Our lab had wanted a portable metabolic analyzer for a long time but never had the means to purchase one, until we came across VO2 Master. After roughly 75 tests, we're pretty pleased with the VO2 Master Pro's performance."

Alexander HK Montoye, PhD, FACSM

Assistant Professor - Integrative Physiology and Health Science, Alma College

"Measuring Economy with VO2 Master enables me to select the fastest wetsuit for an athlete on an individual basis. My athletes can increase their swimming efficiency without increasing training volume."

Roy Hinnen

Triathlon Coach, Roy Hinnen Personal Coaching

Comfortably Wearable

A stabilizing five-point harness increases accuracy.

At a weight of 200 grams, the device won’t hinder how the athlete performs. Equipment shouldn’t interfere with testing.

There is no longer a need to run with a backpack. Backpacks are meant for books and lunches, not VO2 analyzers.

Guided Testing and Automated Reports

Guided performance and metabolism testing with the VO2 Master.

Produce actionable reports for all your clients.

Provides VO2 Max, Training Zones, resting metabolic rate, caloric balance goals, and more.

A Fit for Every Athlete

Easy input of athlete information into a free mobile app.

Store thousands of athlete profiles and tests on your mobile device for quick access and sharing.

Measures flow rates from 2-250L/min and breathing frequencies from 3-80bpm. Having the oxygen sensor situated at the face enables the measurement of faster breathing.

Lab-Grade Accuracy

Superior data response due to the patented direct gas measurement at the mouth.

Shortened sample tubes increase accuracy because the O2 sample is received just after the flow measurement. No need for a sampling pump in a separate box that has to deal with pumping rate and changes in temperature.

Validated against three lung simulators and lab carts.

Same high-quality oxygen and flow sensors found in metabolic carts.


Rest assured your testing is accurate with our yearly maintenance and sensor replacement.

Annual calibration ensures the device stays accurate long-term. We check everything over and ensure the unit is as accurate as the day it was made.

We are so confident in the quality of the VO2 Master that we offer a one-year limited warranty.

VO2 Master Analyzer

Lab-grade accuracy Performance Testing (VO2 Max + Zones), Resting Metabolic Testing (RMR). Completely wearable - no backpacks or hoses.

iOS and Android App

The free app guides you through customizable performance testing protocols including step test, resting metabolic test, and more

Validation Studies

Validation study of the VO2 Analyzer and exploring the repeatability of measurements of a transmission device for oxygen consumption.