Validity and Reliability of the VO2 Master Pro for Oxygen Consumption and Ventilation Assessment


Montoye, Alexander HK; Vondrasek, Joseph D.; and Hancock, James B. II


In conclusion, our study found acceptable convergent validity and test-retest reliability of the VO2 Master Pro analyzer for assessment of exercise VO2 and minute ventilation, compared to the Parvomedics analyzer. Validity and reliability measures of the VO2 Master found in this study were comparable to those of other major portable metabolic analyzer brands (e.g., COSMED, Oxycon, MetaMax) in past research. While further work is needed to confirm these findings, our results suggest that the VO2 Master Pro is likewise a suitable option for those looking to measure VO2 and minute ventilation during moderate- and vigorous-intensity exercise in field settings.

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