Become Faster And Stronger

Become Faster And Stronger

Most endurance athletes need to spend 70-80% of their training in their aerobic zone, which is the intensity that allows the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to supply adequate oxygen (O2) to the muscles to keep them working efficiently.

The most recognized method to determine personalized training zones is to determine an athletes VO2 max, and calculate intensity zones based on the VO2 Max. Training zones can be represented as a percentage of maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 Max), or as a percentage of the workload achieved at VO2Max. VO2 Max is determined by monitoring your heart rate and oxygen consumption during a gradual step test to exhaustion. In the simplest versions of testing, this can be performed on a treadmill or cycle ergometer. From your VO2 max you can then mathematically determine your training zones or use your VO2 data to pinpoint your heart rate zones with much more accuracy.

In addition, the respiratory data collected by the VO2 Master can provide even more details to help determine a variety of areas that would benefit from specific training intensities.


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