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Why Use VM Flo?

The strength, coordination and resiliency of the respiratory system have been shown to be some of the key components to successful athletic performance. A limitation for coaches and athletes has been the ability to accurately measure the respiratory system in real time. The VM Flo is a small device based on the well-founded technology and innovation of the VO2 Master Pro – a wearable VO2 monitoring system. The VM Flo allows accurate measurement of tidal volume, respiratory frequency and ventilation metrics, and sends the data via Bluetooth technology directly to your phone. This data can be combined with information from multiple sensors to guide training and to measure the effects of exercise on the respiratory system. Welcome to the latest advancement in respiratory assessments for athletes of all levels.


What Makes the VM Flo Revolutionary?

At a fraction of the cost of other monitoring systems, the VM Flo is a small device worn comfortably on the face during any athletic endeavour.

VM Flo provides insight into an aspect of athletic development that has not previously been accessible during sport-specific activities in the field. VM Flo has proven to be successful in identifying aspects of athletic development for many athletes including Nordic skiers, mountain bikers, road cyclists, and triathletes. Improvements in respiratory coordination, lung capacity, and ventilation has paved the way to the podium for many athletes.

The Future of Respiratory Monitoring is HERE

By simply measuring the dynamics of breathing, coaches and their athletes will now be able to focus their training efforts on a system that is a prime determinant of overall performance success.

You can now take the most sophisticated physiologic measurements outdoors and collect data in more meaningful ways than ever before.