Validity and Reliability of the VM Pro


This study aimed to determine the validity and reliability of the VM Pro when compared to a VacuMed metabolic simulator. The VacuMed simulator has been validated with the industry-standard Douglas bag method and has been used to validate popular VO2 analyzers such as the Cosmed K5. The simulator’s design is based on concepts discussed by Huszczuk and Wasserman.


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Repeatability of Measurements of a Transmission Device for Oxygen Consumption


“…we can conclude that the use of the device VO2 Master Pro in the specific environment with regards to demands of sports is a good decision, as it ensures repeatable results.” (translated)

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VM Pro versus Parvo TrueOne


“…comparing the VO2 Master Pro against one of the standard metabolic carts we have at our lab, the Parvo Medics TrueOne 2400. The findings are very encouraging as to the validity of the VMPro as a novel lab- and field-ready VO2 analyser.”

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Objective and Subjective Effects of a Passive Exoskeleton on Overhead Work


“This paper presents a thorough in-lab assessment of PAEXO, a novel passive exoskeleton for arm support during overhead work.”

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Round versus Oval Chainrings


“The results showed a significant increase in indices of pedaling effectiveness as well as a significant increase in gross efficiency.”

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Speculating on Physiology in the Lab vs on the Road


“We’re seeing trends in systemic VO2, blood lactate, and local muscle oxygen that align with the literature on muscle recruitment and metabolic efficiencies on the trainer in the LAB vs on the road in the FIELD.”

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