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4 reasons why the VO2 Master enables the most relevant, most portable physiologic assessment today:


1. Our wearable mask is so small, lightweight and comfortable – you will forget you even have it on.

2. There are no cables, no tubes and no wires to worry about, allowing for a hassle free VO2 analysis.

3. Our non-encumbering device does not interfere with the natural movements of the body, no matter the application.

4. Bluetooth integration with live data display on iOS and Android devices.



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Small. Lightweight. Comfortable.

No Cables. No Tubes. No Wires.

Non-Encumbering Device.

Connect your existing Bluetooth sensors.


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VO2 Master Features


Wearable VO2


Live data display

Free iOS and Android App

Connect your other sensors


Export Data for Further Analysis

4+ hour battery life

Accurate and repeatable


Replaceable mouthpieces