Performance Assessment

The most effective way to test and train athletes.

Accurate method of determining training zones.

Avoid the plateau by measuring one’s limiter.

Recurring testing revenue for your business.

Get a cardio-respiratory snapshot.

Mobile app is Free.

"Our lab had wanted a portable metabolic analyzer for a long time but never had the means to purchase one, until we came across VO2 Master. After roughly 75 tests, we're pretty pleased with the VO2 Master Pro's performance."

Alexander HK Montoye, PhD, FACSM

Assistant Professor - Integrative Physiology and Health Science, Alma College

"Measuring Economy with VO2 Master enables me to select the fastest wetsuit for an athlete on an individual basis. My athletes can increase their swimming efficiency without increasing training volume."

Roy Hinnen

Triathlon Coach, Roy Hinnen Personal Coaching

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