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The metabolic requirements for energy in paddle sports such as rowing, canoeing, and kayaking are significant.

At an elite level, paddle sports require enormous oxygen consumption throughout a race, which means that athletes must strategically train to maximize their performance.

Paddle sport athletes, trainers, and researchers have regularly pursued insight into performance enhancement by measuring such metabolic markers as VO2max.

However, up until recently, individuals were forced to attend a laboratory setting and perform step tests on a treadmill or stationary bicycle while hooked up to large testing equipment.

Lab testing doesn’t accurately capture the actual exertion applied when a paddle sport athlete is training or competing in their craft. As such, this data may not provide useful insight and direction into bettering this type of athlete’s training.

Now, there’s the VO2 Master Analyzer. This precise yet completely portable device that permits paddle sport athletes to test their fitness while performing their sport of specialty.

Used by paddle sport athletes and their coaches around the world, the VO2 Master Analyzer is quickly taking the field by storm.

The VO2 Master is completely app-based and wireless enabling you to use it virtually anywhere, including your kayak or canoe.

Connect it to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and start to gain incredible insight on a breath-by-breath basis into your fitness performance.

Use the data to tailor your future workouts to improve your athletic capabilities and, ultimately, your performance.

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Note: The VO2 Master Analyzer is not a waterproof device. Although it is entirely possible to successfully use the device while training in activities that take place on water, it is imperative that users so not submerge the VO2 Master Analyzer in water nor splash the device with water.