Empowering First Responders

Firefighting is a physically demanding occupation often requiring high intensity work. As a result, cardiovascular health and fitness are critical factors for firefighters. In fact, inactive firefighters have a 90% greater risk of suffering a heart attack as compared to those who are aerobically fit.

To ensure safe fitness for duty, each firefighter requires an adequate maximum level of oxygen consumption, which is termed, VO2max. When it comes to measuring aerobic fitness, VO2max testing is the best way to determine the conditioning level of your cardiovascular system.

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See how easy it is to use the VO2 Master Analyzer and learn more about how this device helps first responders to perform their jobs at an elite level. 
VO2 Master has partnered with fire and police departments throughout North America to provide first responders with the precise health and fitness insight they need to protect themselves and the public.
The VO2 Master Analyzer is the world’s first portable metabolic analyzer that permits first responders to accurately test their fitness levels in the field. No tubes, wires, or backpacks required.

Now, first responders gain clear insight as to how to effectively increase their VO2max improving their fitness levels and their on-the-job performance.

VO2 Master will be exhibiting at FDIC International 2022  — taking place April 25-30, 2022 in Indianapolis, IN. We will also be exhibiting at 2022 Fire-Rescue International 2022 from August 24-26, 2022 in San Antonio, TX. If you will be present at either event, we encourage you to schedule a time to meet VO2 Master in-person by e-mailing our team.

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The VO2 Master Analyzer device is the choice of first responders to measure their VO2 and gain important insight that can be used to quickly improve performance. Schedule a time to meet with a VO2 Master Expert to discuss how we can help you and your team.