Why VO2 Master?

The VO2 Master is a small device that collects respiratory data through a mask, and sends the information directly to your phone. The data can be combined with other wireless sensors to give a remarkably in depth look at the physiology behind your performance. By combining some basic knowledge of physiology with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of the VO2 Master, you can now perform accurate physiologic assessments at home or anywhere your sport takes you.
Welcome to the new age of physiologic testing.


What is VO2?

VO2 is a simple measurement based on a complex physiologic system of oxygen supply and demand. The term VO2, refers to the Volume of Oxygen consumed by the body at any given intensity. The number value given by the VO2 Master represents the amount of oxygen used by the working muscles during exercise. A different value, commonly used, is the term VO2 Max, which refers to the measured amount of oxygen consumed at the highest possible intensity achieved by an athlete. It is important to remember that oxygen is being consumed even at rest, and during sub-maximal efforts, and that VO2 Master can be used to gain very interesting and applicable knowledge about the cardiac, respiratory, and muscular systems, without having to perform a maximal test.

How is VO2 Applicable to Me?

Because VO2 reflects both the ability of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to respond to the demands of exercise, and the efficiency with which the oxygen can be utilized to produce energy, VO2 measurements can give an athlete a very clear indication of specific areas of limitation that need to be addressed in training.
The concept of using VO2 data as a TRAINING TOOL is not what most people consider when discussing VO2. In most cases, people have been taught erroneously, that VO2 Max is a value that is important, and that it is a determinant of overall ability. The VO2 Max myth does not take into account that every system responsible for the delivery and utilization of oxygen can be trained and improved. From a training theory perspective, it is much more interesting and valuable to examine the physiological changes taking place at low and moderate intensities, where the majority of time is spent, as well as being much safer for the athlete.

What Makes VO2 Master Revolutionary?

VO2 Master is revolutionary because it is the first and only wireless, portable VO2 monitor. It allows athletes to take the measurement of the respiratory, cardiac and metabolic systems out of the lab, and into real world situations.  The VO2 Master is also priced to be within the reach of individual coaches and athletes.