VO2 Master Beta Area

This page is here to help Beta Program Members get the most out of their beta prototypes. Enjoy our series of helper-videos that cover unboxing, startup, testing, and maintenance, as well as our FAQ based on your feedback to date.

Unboxing and Startup Guide

This short instructional video helps users by describing and demonstrating:
-What’s in the box
-How to assemble the device
-How to start up the VM Manager App
-How to calibrate the device
-How to begin recording data

How to Clean Your VO2 Master

This short video demonstrates the few short steps required to keep your unit clean and in good working order. There is no special equipment of tools needed for routine cleaning and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Face Mask

What face mask is supplied with the VM Pro?
We offer the Hans Rudolph “7450 V2” and “6450 V2” masks in all sizes.
By default, we ship a size “Small”, because our experience is that these masks are oversized, and the “Small” size fits most users.

Can VO2 Master fit other masks?
VO2 Master fits all Hans Rudolf masks. We are unable to guarantee proper fitting with masks from other distributors.

Venturi Inserts and Mouth Piece

Is there any part of the VM Pro that goes inside the mouth?
There is NO mouth piece. The term ‘mouth piece’ has been used in the past in reference to the Venturi Insert, which does not contact the users mouth.

You say the insert can be used with the same client but does that mean it shouldn’t be used with a different client?
If the Venturi Insert isn’t being replaced between different users, sanitation can NOT be guaranteed. The user must decide for themselves what is acceptable in terms of sanitation. The Venturi Insert may be washed in the dishwasher or with hot soapy water.

Note: a tiny amount of air from the previous user will be trapped in the o2 side-stream gas channel of the unit itself. Users should be careful about this when considering testing multiple clients with a single unit. We recommend not testing multiple clients with a single unit to avoid spreading of respiratory borne diseases between clients. This issue will be addressed in future iterations.

What size Venturi Insert is appropriate for resting metabolic testing and sub maximal testing protocols?
The Venturi Inserts should be matched with the workload. For instance, when testing at a walking pace, we suggest using a small or medium insert. For maximal testing, and for taller clients, we suggest a large or extra-large Venturi Insert. Future iterations of our app will alert users if the size they’re using is too small or too big for the given ventilation.

How do I clean the Venturi insert?
We recommend cleaning the Venturi Insert after every test. Wash it in hot soapy water, or gently place it in one of the cutlery trays of your dishwasher. Please refer to the “How to clean your VM” video, posted on our website.

Phone Application

How much does the App cost?
VO2 Manager is free.

Do you have an Android app?
The Android app is in development. The Apple (iOS) app is available through our beta program right now, and will be on the app store upon the completion of the program.

Can you print test results?
From the phone app, test results may be emailed as an Excel CSV file for analysis and reporting. We are currently developing a printable format which will not require third party software.


What components of the VM Pro are consumable?
There are two cartridges that must be replaced annually; one contains the the Desiccant Tubing and the other contains the Oxygen Cell. You can choose to either install them yourself, or send your unit in for an annual check-up.

What are the costs of replacement?
We project the consumables to cost approximately $199 for the Oxygen Cell, and $49 for the Desiccant Cartridge. These prices are far below the consumable costs of our competitors, who charge up to $800 (US) for similar cartridges.

How easy is it to replace the cartridges?
As easy as turning two screws and pulling them out.

Is there a way of telling when the oxygen and descant cartridges need to be replaced?
The phone app will alert you when the cartridges need to be replaced.

What other costs are there?
Other than the Consumable Cartridges and the Venturi Inserts, there are no additional costs. The Venturi Inserts can be used indefinitely for the same user.


Can you measure RMR or RQ with the VM Pro?
No, not with the VM Pro. Our focus with this product is on simplicity and affordability. As such we have elected to not put a CO2 sensor onboard the VM Pro. In the future, we plan on releasing a version of the VO2 Master that contains a CO2 sensor.

Do you have any data on its accuracy when compared to a metabolic cart? 
We have performed in-line tests with other metabolic carts, as well as internal testing on our VacuMed lung simulator. We plan on releasing this information at the end of our beta program.

Cleaning and Maintenance

What is the best way to sanitize the unit?
Check out our video on maintenance, available on YouTube, and on our website (Beta Area). The mask and venturi insert are most easily cleaned with hot, soapy water. Us alcohol wipes on the plates that mate with the Venturi Insert. Be careful to not get any liquid in the sensor ports of these plates, as it may cause permanent damage to the unit.

How can I get a VO2 Master?

We are now accepting reservations from those who want to receive a unit from our first, limited-size production run. Contact us.

What happened to your beta program?

Our beta program successfully reached the maximum number of users we could support in late 2016. We are now focused on collecting the feedback from those users, and preparing for mass-production.